We understand when someone asks for a logo they want something that looks great, but it's much more important than that. Determining a person or company's identity requires a much deeper look into the foundation for why they are doing what they do, what message do they want to send, and how do you best go about spreading that message.



When you pay attention to branding, you ...


send a consistent message

This isn't high school anymore. Stop with the smiles from across the room. It's time to grow up, know who you are and put yourself out there. We're not trying to just close the deal here; we're trying to tell your story in the most consistent, impactful way.

create widespread loyalty

When clients believe in who you are, they can't help but share what they love about you. Whether it be through a Facebook share or a recommendation to a friend. This kind of loyalty can't be bought, but rather creates advocates our of your customers. 

build efficient strategies

It's not you, it's me. We've all heard those dreaded words and lets face it, you need to figure out who you are. When you do, you can stop wasting time on efforts that don't pay off and focus your efforts on methods that line up with your identity and allow clients to identify with you.

increase your bottom line

Money isn't why we do what we do and I'd happily assume that is true for you. But, since we all need it, why not make more of it?! Branding should be the foundation of every marketing strategy, every design, and should even precede those plans. This simple effort will help focus your vision and quickly convert these clicks and calls into cold hard cash. 

You might think you have an identity or brand but chances are it's a little muddy, or maybe not there at all. Maybe you need us to come in and observe and interview employees and customers to truly get to the bottom of your identity. Once you get to the bottom and identify your brand it becomes something tangible that you can now use as the foundation for your decision making. From colors and which exact ones to use, consistent logos, and conveying your message with the right tone, to designing new products, pitching clients, or even hiring employees, you now have the basis to which you can draw from. 

Branding is not the same as marketing and they are not independent of one another. All services we provide and all aspects of marketing go hand in hand to present who your are, without confusion but with clarity.