Learning with the Parsons

As I'm looking through the lens at the latest photo shoot and we've got one baby making a b-line for the pond, another baby drooling off into nothingness, and parents trying to bring order to no avail, I have an epiphany ...

Life is chaotic, so what?





  1. making someone satisfied or happy because of fully developing their character or abilities.

Now I get it, we love order. We like it when kids, adults, pets do what we want them to. But as I'm standing there capturing a small hour in the life of this family I find myself peering into my future and hoping I one day take my own advice; advice to not worry about putting our best foot forward. It's exhausting and counterproductive. Advice to not only try and remember those perfect days, but those chaotic ones that you barely made it out of alive that actually caused you to grow in patience for your baby, that helped teach you toddler respect because it's not okay to photobomb another family. My goal is not order ... if anything it's fulfillment and that's not through perfectly positioned bodies and perfect smiles. I want a fulfilling life that's full of all those little learning moments where I'm developing day by day into the person I want to be tomorrow.

Don’t worry when things don’t go as planned. You just might get something great that you didn’t plan on.

Relax and soak in the moments.

I loved being able to capture that hour of a family's life and when they look back,
I hope they see the beauty in going off-script

The Parsons Family